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NovaScotiaFood.com is a centralized directory of all food producers in Nova Scotia. It is a work in progress. Your submissions are needed!

What is a food producer?

A food producer is any person or company who makes, grows, or harvests food in Nova Scotia and sells it to the public, no matter how small or large their business.

Eating locally-produced food is healthier for your body, and it’s healthier for the Nova Scotian economy, too.

We believe it should be easy for people to find food producers close to them, and we believe it should be easy for food producers to find customers. That’s why this site exists! We offer this service free of charge. In exchange, we request that you disable ad blocking software to help defray operational costs.

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How to Use This Site

Looking for fresh, locally-produced food in your region?  Just use our handy-dandy map. You can also search by food name, location, or other keyword using the search bar. You can also click on the categories in the sidebar.

Example searches:
“haddock Bridgewater”

How to Get Listed

Do you make, grow, or produce food that is for sale? We provide free listings for all food producers in Nova Scotia.  If you’d like to be included, just click here to be taken to our registration form.

Customers of Nova Scotia food producers can leave comments about their experience on the relevant producer’s entry page. Comments will be moderated. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

Why is buying local important?

Buying your food from local food producers is about much more than just grocery shopping. It’s important because:

  • It improves overall food security by providing income to food producers, helping to keep them in business
  • Locally-produced food will always “feel” better to your body than food that comes from far away
  • Locally-produced food tends to be made without as many additives or preservatives as commercially-produced food
  • It helps keep money circulating in the Nova Scotian economy, rather than sending it away

When you support local food producers, everyone wins!