A 1 Cape Breton Sausage

Appears in these categories: Meat and Poultry

2622 Riverside Rd.


Richmond County

[email protected]
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About Us:

Welcome to our Free Range Bio Farm where we produce A1 Cape Breton Sausage. Our farm philosophy is based on the principles of permaculture and a belief that at its heart, a farm is dynamic organism with all parts interconnecting. Our free range pigs clear the land for our gardens. Composted pig and chicken manure feeds the gardens and hugelkulture beds. In return, our gardens supplement the feed for the chickens and pigs. We believe in raising our animals without the use of chemicals and with the freedom to live a natural outdoor life. We produce a variety of sausages, loaf meats, salami and hunters sausage. All sausages and meats are hand made in our certified meat shop on the farm in the German tradition using Peters own recipes. As well, we have a smoke shop to smoke our meats and locally sourced fish. Drop by our farm in Cleveland to purchase meats, eggs and smoked fish.

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