Blue Barn Farms

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1800 Hammonds Plains Road

Hammonds Plains

Halifax County

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About Us:

Blue Barn Farms has a long history dating back to the 1800’s. The Eisenhauer family originally lived and worked on the farm, operating a wood mill on Baptizing Lake and selling meat, vegetables and milk to the local community. The actual Blue Barn that can be seen from Hammonds Plains is well over a hundred years old. In the early years of the farm, cows were fed by light of a lantern, and were taken to the brook twice a day for water. At that time, most families in the area raised some livestock and grew produce, but Blue Barn Farms is the only remaining family farm still operating in Hammonds Plains. We take the expression, "you are what you eat" to heart. That’s because like most family farms, we’re producers and consumers. We eat everything we raise and grow on our farm, and when you’re growing for yourself, you produce the best product possible. We try to use common sense in raising our animals. Old-fashioned farm values and hard work blend with modern technology at Blue Barn Farms to keep our operations safe and efficient, and ensure a premier product for our customers. While our operations do include using modern equipment and irrigation techniques, we have not adopted some of the contemporary farm practices of using growth promoting hormones and antibiotics, and we do not use feed that contains animal by-products. Quality before quantity is practice we intend to keep at Blue Barn Farms.

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