Bountywoods Farm

Appears in these categories: Meat and Poultry, Vegetables and Greens

4876 Brooklyn Street, Berwick


Kings County

[email protected]
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About Us:

Need organic meat and produce? We grow tasty, nutrient-dense food naturally, like it used to be! Our old-time family farm produces free-range pork, chicken & turkeys fed organic grains on pasture; plus eggs, grass-fed beef, vegetables, herbs & cut flowers-- all biologically grown with no toxic inputs. You can enjoy our meat products knowing that the flavor is just the beginning. Our animals enjoy a natural environment with freedom to graze, root or frolic in the sun... to be what they were created to be. All grain we give to the pigs and poultry is organic and non-GMO. Most of all, a natural pasture-based diet ensures the most nutritious meat products for your family.

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