Brook Ridge Farm

Appears in these categories: Meat and Poultry

1997 Highway 4 Brierly Brook, Nova Scotia, B2G 2K8

Brierly Brook

Antigonish County

(902) 318-3989
[email protected]
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About Us:

Our farm family consists of not only of the sheep but horses, donkeys, goats, cats, rabbits and a dog. Although we love to call them our own, the deer who frequent the fields are transient visitors. The resident ravens, red tailed hawk and curious fox add to the color and sound of our little hamlet. We breed, sell and show Border Leicester purebred stock and you will see some of the quality animals we have raised within the confines of this site. Should you be interested in starting your own flock, complimenting the breed you currently have or adding maternal power to your commercial line please feel free to contact us.

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