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5411 St. Margaret's Bay Rd. Upper Tantallon, Halifax NS, B3Z 2H9


Halifax County

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About Us:

About our Business Cavicchis’ Meats produces high quality gluten free sausage products in a small, provincially licensed, family-run plant in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our lean, gluten free sausage meats are exclusively made with freshly butchered pork, natural pork or vegetable casings, and locally sourced spices. They contain absolutely no gluten, MSG, lactose, fillers, by-products, extra liquids or preservatives. We do what we love and work for ourselves at home here in HRM, using authentic recipes and time-tested methods. We choose only high quality ingredients and choose healthy lean cuts of meat, and we support other local businesses wherever we can. These are the values we hold dear, as a family and as a company. Gluten Free & a Healthier Choice We know that many people prefer gluten free, and many more also need this healthy option due to health concerns. We focus all our efforts on maintaining a gluten free facility and bringing you the very best quality products available. Our products also attract people looking for an alternative to pre-packed big box sausage products that contain more sodium, fat and fillers. The beauty of our wholesale option is that you can take advantage of big box prices without having to leave your neighbourhood or set foot in a busy warehouse. Our Story Like yours, our family has a rich history full of strong values, unique stories and treasured traditions. By a stroke of good fortune and a lot of hard work, the tradition of making sausage products is now how we make a living. After more than 35 years of experience in meat cutting industries, both large and small, our local family business was born. Cavicchis’ Meats is owned and operated by Grant and Bev Cavicchi. Although the business was born fairly recently—when the family’s basement was turned into a provincially inspected and licensed plant in 2008—Grant’s knack for making sausage began almost 40 years earlier. Drawing on his experience in the meat cutting industry, working in retail grocers, and alongside mentor meat cutters from Italy and Hungary on private meat counters, Grant has created a unique and time-tested product. The long and significant following for Grant’s sausages and other pork products is surely what has ensured their success. Leaps and Bounds Since officially opening, the business has expanded to include several dedicated staff members, more retail outlets carrying the products, and above all a great network of support. These advancements are largely due to Cavicchis’ consistent, high quality products, which are not only gluten free, but also lean, free of MSG, lactose and all other fillers and byproducts. The business was a leap of faith that has paid off not just with success, but with satisfaction. Cavicchis’ is proud to bring a unique and healthy product to so many customers throughout our local communities; and our friends, family and customers are to thank.

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