Fair Hill Farm

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2219 Harmony Road


Kings County

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About Us:

Fairhill Farm offers 100 % grass-fed, natural beef, direct from the farm to the consumer. Organic grass-fed beef is available from late summer to mid-winter by the quarter (one-quarter of all of the cuts in an entire animal) or by a half carcass: cut, wrapped and fresh frozen. Special orders can be accommodated. Fairhill Farm Angus-Lowline cattle are raised in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia on cultivated grass pasture. We focus on producing the best pasture forage by using daily rotational grazing, bi-annual soil aeration and application of natural minerals depleted from the land. Our animals live a stress-free life. Their first year is spent at their mother’s side and their entire lives in the herd into which they are born. Cattle raised and killed free of environmental and emotional stress produce meat that is nutritious, tender and flavorful. Our small herd of fullblood, registered Angus-Lowline is our only source of beef. Lowlines are a distinct breed derived from modern Angus stock but closer in type to their hardy grass-fed ancestors from Scotland; the Aberdeen- Angus. Their compact size and efficient growth on grass alone make them an ideal breed for pasture-raised 100% grass-fed beef: no grain, no hormones, no antibiotics are used to produce prime healthy beef.

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