Garrison Brewing Co


County: Halifax

Phone: 902-453-5343
Address: 1149 MARGINAL ROAD, Halifax, NS
Email: [email protected]

Producer Description:

Halifax: The Original “Garrison” Town Halifax has always been at the centre of a proud and vibrant Maritime brewing tradition. In 1754, William Steel was the first local brewer to quench the thirsts of early settlers and troops gathered on Citadel Hill. Many would follow, with over 20 breweries having operated by the time of prohibition. Independent Micro-Brewing Returns Garrison Brewing Company is following in this tradition by producing premium ales of distinction for the local market. With our inaugural batch of “Irish Red Ale” in 1997, Garrison introduced the craft beer movement to Nova Scotians and visitors alike. Today Garrison brews a variety of full flavored, all natural, preservative free ales. Each glass represents a tribute to the art of hand-crafting ales with the finest natural ingredients. The Science Behind the Art Nearly all of our tanks and equipment were designed and fabricated by Diversified Metals Engineering of Charlottetown, PEI. The brewhouse consists of a single-step infusion mash tun and a propane-fired kettle and whirlpool. It takes two batches to fill each fermenter, and an average of 10 days start to finish to ferment and condition.

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