Grass Roots Up

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About Us:

CSA and cow share to secure supply of health supporting grass finished beef in Nova Scotia.

We were founded to allow our community;

Eaters, purchasers of and those involved, interested or investing in beef fattened in Nova Scotia primarily from the rumination of vegetative growth of Nova Scotia Farms, mainly grass forage;

To work co-operatively, to facilitate stable long term investment by concerned members in their food supply at the grass roots, and through sustainable farming practices, and mutually share in the benefits from the harvest...from the grass roots up.

Email us and we'll send sign up forms, structure is such that once you are a member contribution in kind can be accounted for...Musicians, Lawyers, Labour, Life enrichment of members and community is our goal, all contributions are welcome...Investment sustainably in the beginning of the food chain are multiplied in community... Donations to needy families can be made through the co-operative. Pay the farmer to grow the food to give to give to those in need. Invest in the foundations of one of life's most nutritionally dense foods....

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When you support local food producers, everyone wins!

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