Hobo Crow Wild Food & Herbal CSH

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About Us:

we are two humans and one small wildling, on a journey to re-learn and re-wild and share what our hands have created from the freshest and most potent wild foods and medicines we can find.

i studied organic agriculture, and mid-way through a one year apprenticeship on a farm in NS i realized that i was more drawn to the weeds growing in between the rows. . .when i began to learn more about the wealth of both food and medicine that wild plants had to offer, my path began to wind further into the forests and wild fields. since then i have been studying herbal medicine, and was joined several years ago by my partner, who is also a lover of plants (and especially fungi), and then four years ago, our daughter came along.

driven by our passion for the wilderness, health and alternative living , we continue to learn more and more about native and invasive plants, and how to incorporate them into every day life. focusing on staying well rather than treating sickness, there is a plethora of plants growing wild here that are extremely nutritious, and tasty as well.

everything we wild-craft is harvested mindfully, and our other herbs we grow ourselves or source from trusted friends (ginger, etc). we source everything as locally as possible for our wares. . .our honey, beeswax and vinegar from NS, and our oil is from a small organic farm in quebec.

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When you support local food producers, everyone wins!

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