Holdanca Farms

Wallace Bay

County: Cumberland

Phone: (902)899-6457
Address: 12628 Highway # 6
Email: [email protected]

Producer Description:

Under the direction and management of John Duynisveld and his family, Holdanca Farms is proud to supply your family with pasture-raised free range meat and eggs. We not only produce inspected meat and eggs free from antibiotics, chemicals and meat by-products, but we also help to educate and inform our customers and the community about free range production and ethical farm practices. As both a career farmer and scientist, John puts his dedication and scientific research to the task of supplying his customers with meats that are healthy, delicious, and ethically produced. Winner of the 1999 Governor General Award, for his academic achievements in environmental research, John is committed to responsible stewardship. He is dedicated to implementing a more natural approach to farming than is commonly used in the industry, primarily in the use of pasturing and free range practices.

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