Hum-Along Honey Farm

Upper Clements

County: Annapolis

Phone: 902-638-2005
Address: 2478 Highway 1, Upper Clements, NS
Email: [email protected]

Producer Description:

Located just three kilometers west of Upper Clements Park, our small farm is a dream-come-true for us. Overlooking Annapolis Basin and Goat Island, our bees enjoy a rich variety of wild flowers from which they produce the honey we sell from the "Honey House" in our yard. Along with honey (liquid, creamed, "in the comb" etc.) we also sell beeswax, several skin care products, and more. We are usually open Monday to Saturday during the summer months, but if you are making a special trip it is always a good idea to phone ahead. Our bee yards are within easy walking distance from our home, and we welcome visitors who simply want to look around, and listen to the hum of happy bees at work.

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