Louisbourg Market

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11 Mitchell Crest.


Cape Breton County

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About Us:

The idea of farmers and artisans coming together to celebrate their gifts and the fruit of their labour is not new. We were founded in 2012, just because there were local residents that wanted to have their own version of show and tell in our little community. However, as years went by, some people moved away, others could not commit too often, and fewer vendors had the desire to invest time, efforts and material resources on a regular basis, unless there were others coming to talk, visit, buy and promote the initiative. This year, with the arrival of the cruise ships to our harbour, we thought it was time to get the market going again. Our organizing group grew, and public interest surprised and surpassed expectations! Everybody is talking about us and we like it that way!!! We got lots of support from our community, our counsellor and other vendors coming from away... so we embarked in this adventure as a team, with lots of ideas, and tons of help. We hope to see you visiting us, and spreading the word around. This is not just for the tourists from the ships... This is for you to have a great experience visiting the town of Louisbourg and discovering all it has to offer, starting by its people. Come and check us out.

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