Paddy's Brew Pub

Kentville and Wolfville locations


Address: 42 Aberdeen Street, Kentville or 460 Main Street, Wolfville

Producer Description:

Since we made our first batch of fresh handcrafted beer in 1995, Paddy's Brewery has produced more than 1 million pints of all natural ales and lagers from our modern 800 hl brewhouse. We brew all of our beers on-site using the best domestic and imported malts, the finest hops available and pure water. We have fostered our passion for making beer with character. Everyday we bring outstanding brewing skills, a respect for our craft and a farmer's patience to work to produce Paddy's brews that are a reflection of ourselves and our surroundings. In other words, we brew the beers we like to drink and that compliment the rich bounty of fare that the Annapolis Valley is famous for. OUR BEERS Today, Paddy's Brewery offers our flagship Annapolis Valley Ale, Acadian Cream Ale, Raven Ale and Chimney Swift Stout year round, as well as seasonal brews. We'd love the opportunity to pour you one of our outstanding beers personally, and give you a tour of our brewery.

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