Propeller Brewing Co.

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Halifax and Dartmouth locations

Halifax County

(902) 468-1026
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About Us:

Propeller turns 20 in 2017, and we’re all kind of excited about that, though not at much as Propeller-owner John Allen. Back in the early 90’s, John was busy working in the film industry. As a prop master, down times between TV and film productions gave him nice, long stretches to experiment with making good beer at home. Honing his craft for the sheer pleasure of it, he was a bit surprised when he began to receive warm praise from visiting tipplers on his brews Just about the same time he began to question his day job, an idea started to percolate. Props were about making things appear to be real. Maybe it was time to take on a career working with something that actually was real, say, beer. And how about a little bit more than that, say good beer. And so, in 1997 and with ample help from a real-life supporting system that included family and friends, John Allen opened the Propeller Brewing Company on Gottingen Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In 2013, he expanded to a second location, on Windmill Road in Dartmouth. Oh, he also added another Allen to the business in 2015, his son Mike. Who knows what might be next?

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