South River Ranch

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5161 Dunmore Rd. St. Andrews, NS B2G 0B4


Antigonish County

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About Us:

Located just outside of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, near the town of St. Andrews. The rolling green hills of the ranch can be seen as you drive off the Trans-Canada Highway. We are a small family run operation that takes pride in the food we produce. Our beef is raised from start to finish on the ranch, and we maintain a high level of quality all along the way. Our cattle are grass fed and can be seen grazing on lush pastures from Spring to Fall, along with their calves bouncing along beside them. Our animals are fed an all natural diet of grass and barley that we grow on farm. We do not use hormones of any kind and all of our meet is processed humanely by certified butchers. The ranch is self sustainable, producing all of the forage and crops required to feed the cattle. We adhere to a Nova Scotia Environmental Farm Plan to ensure that our operation is sustainable and environmentally friendly. We follow quality control protocols and the Canadian Cattleman’s Code of Practice to ensure that our cattle are happy, healthy and ethically raised. With a mixed herd of Black Angus, Simmental and Limousin cattle, our beef consistently grades AAA. Providing farm fresh beef to the local community. Order online or give us a call 902-318-1050 - Delivery available.

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