Terra Tonics

Appears in these categories: Mushrooms & Fungi, Vegetables and Greens

About Us:

We truly feel that farming is one of the most humbling and rewarding jobs. We get to work with the land everyday, and bring healthy food into our community. We get to innovate on how to make our work more efficient, how to make the produce grow to their optimum and how to feed people the healthiest food possible. We started our farm in 2020. Harrison branching out from managing his family fruit orchards, developed a love for growing mushrooms. Brogan was on a journey of learning to farm organically, after spending a few years working with a local farm market/orchard production; and our worlds collided. A space became available , there was land and there were pretty high hopes. We see local food production as hope, for a healthy future for our land, for our community and for our environment. You can find us and our produce every Saturday at the Halifax Brewery Farmers Market. Or find our products locally in the Annapolis Valley at: Foote’s Farm Market - Centreville Fairn Farm Market - Centreville Noggins Corner Farm Market - Greenwich Stirling Fruit Farm - Greenwich The Rising Sun Natural Food Store - Berwick Tidal Bore Farm Market - Brooklyn

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When you support local food producers, everyone wins!

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