Very Local Greens

Appears in these categories: Vegetables and Greens

About Us:

Very Local Greens is a bit of a different farm – our boutique urban farm is nestled in downtown Dartmouth Nova Scotia in two 40′ reused freight containers. These specially-designed container farms allow us to grow clean, ultra-fresh, hyper-local leafy greens 365 days a year. In our vertical hydroponic system, we grow lettuce, specialty greens, herbs, and edible flowers destined for the finest restaurants and select markets in Halifax and the surrounding area. We also have the capability of growing boutique crops and hard-to-find niche produce with precision timing. Our farms use LED lighting and a closed-loop watering system to grow with minimal carbon footprint, in areas otherwise not suitable for farming. We’re excited to be playing a part in the future of food, and food security in Nova Scotia.

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