Interflon Food Lube, HT1200, and Grease LT2

Interflon lubricants for food producers

Commercial producers of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, animal food, and pet feed will be interested to learn about some new products that have only recently become available in North America. These are lubricants manufactured by Interflon USA, and they are highly unique. There is nothing else like them on the market.

Interflon Food Lube is a food-safe (H1, halal, kosher) lubricant for use in all the above-mentioned processes. It contains MicPol, which is the name Interflon gives to its lubricant technology. Read more about MicPol. Food Lube lasts much longer than other lubricants, does a much better job of prolonging the life of chains and bearings, is dielectric, and in general is a great investment for your production business. Interflon has some case studies on their website that shows how in some applications chains are lasting up to eight or ten times as long as they were using other lubricants.

Interflon Grease LT2 is another food-safe lubricant that is designed for use in very cold situations, down to -40. It can also be used outdoors. LT2 is remarkable because it absolutely refuses to mix with water. Check out the video below, in which a technician demonstrates this by drinking out of a dish lubed with LT2. That’s called faith in your product!

Interflon Paste HT1200 is pretty miraculous. It’s a ceramic-based lubricant and assembly paste with MicPol that can remain viscous up to 2100° F or 1200° C. It’s also a rethreading compound, and if you have about three minutes, you should watch the video below showing just how amazing HT1200 is at repairing a ruined bolt.

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