Cape Breton Food Hub

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About Us:

The Cape Breton Food Hub Co-op makes it really easy to get the products of local producers into the hands of local consumers and chefs! We are a multi-stakeholder co-op with both producers and consumers as our members. Our 10-person board of directors, includes producers, consumers, restaurants, retailers, federation of agriculture and municipal representation. When you buy or sell food through the Cape Breton Food Hub, you are contributing to a more vibrant local food economy and becoming part of an island wide food community! OUR VISION A healthy food economy that supports a growing diversity of producers and consumers on Cape Breton Island. OUR MISSION The Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-op Ltd. provides a distribution linkage between local food producers and consumers, creating a more sustainable food system by increasing the viability of local producers while improving access to high quality local food.

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When you support local food producers, everyone wins!

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