Good Robot Brewing Co.

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Halifax County

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About Us:

We were always told as kids that we had to grow up. We – Angus, Doug and Josh, friends from the first week of college – certainly tried. We got the grades to go to college to get the job to buy the house to raise the family to retire early and die comfortably. But try as we did to be good, we just couldn’t fit the robotic tasks assigned to us. Maybe we failed so many engineering exams because we preferred brewing beer to synthesizing compounds. Maybe we missed the managerial promotion because we preferred cut-off jorts and music festivals to chinos and client meetings. And maybe we weren’t offered the job because we left our copy of Modern Drunkard Magazine open for our would-be employer to read during the interview… Or maybe it was because we swore in frustration during the interview… Or because we accidentally tied our hands together with Scotch tape during the interview… Or because we told the interviewer our favourite Disney character was the one who turned small boys into donkeys to be sold to the salt mines. We’re not great with interviews. We’re misfits. We always have been. We struggled to fit in then, and we celebrate those who struggle to fit in now. We believe the eccentricities that make us human are good, and that experimenting is the one way we get closer to understanding ourselves. Or something. I dunno. There’s more to life than growing in size. And maybe that applies to businesses, too. So come grab a pint with us and celebrate your sacred flaws, your embarrassing stories and everything else that makes you a misfit. Fitting in is overrated. And so is growing up.

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