Highland Farm

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About Us:

Located in West Hants county along the tidal Kennetcook river, Highland farm is owned and operated by the Alex, Anna and Pam DeNicola. The approximately 120 acres of land consists of a mix of woods, pasture and hayland, residential and barns, with the balance in marginal marshland and river escarpments. Garden cultivation, done with our horses and small tractor, totals around 3 1/2 - 4 acres, with the wide variety of organic produce being sold directly to our many loyal customers at the Halifax Farmer’s Market since 1992.

These days, as we attempt to practice permaculture(small&slow) more intensely, the opportunities for creative and beneficial change seem to never end! We hope Highland Farm will become a place where much PC learning and practice can happen, especially around edible wild plants, vegetables, a few mixed livestock, and the use of a horse with very simple yet efficient tools.

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