Mirella Rose Farm


Middle Cornwall

County: Lunenburg

Phone: 902-624-0045
Address: 739 Back Cornwall Rd
Email: [email protected]

Producer Description:

We founded our farm with the idea of producing wholesome food in the most responsible manner possible. Using methods from biodynamic and organic farming (we are not certified), as well as holistic grazing, the farm produces meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit available on a year-round basis. Food is available mostly through a weekly food box program known as community-supported agriculture (CSA). Members receive veggies and eggs weekly, year-round, and a variety of meat when the meat is ready.

When you support local food producers, everyone wins!

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    1. Barb, please direct any questions to the farmers themselves. You can do that by visiting their website (link in the page above) or calling them at the number listed above. Thanks!

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