Ran-Cher Acres

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744 Canaan Road


Kings County

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About Us:

Ran-Cher Acres is a dairy goat farm specializing in cheese making, owned and operated by Randy and Cheryl Hiltz and their youngest daughter, Sara. On our farm overlooking the beautiful Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, we milk 100 purebred Saanen dairy goats. We use the milk to make cheese, yogurt, kefir and bottled pasteurized goat's milk. Randy, Cheryl, and Sara all have a hand in doing the barn chores. Doing chores includes milking, haying, putting down fresh bedding in each pen, making sure all the goats have clean water bowls, and doing many other tasks to keep the goats happy. During the summer we also take our goats on walks through the woods. They enjoy browsing on bushes and grass along the way. Randy and Cheryl handle most of the actual cheese making, while Sara does the packaging and labelling of our many different types of cheese. Every Saturday, Randy and Sara can be found at the Seaport Farmer's Market in Halifax, selling cheese, yogurt, kefir and goat's milk. Our son, Aaron, can be found at the Lunenburg Farmers Market on Thursdays. Our products are also found in numerous health food and grocery stores around the area and are used in local restaurants. Besides all our other products, we also sell purebred Saanen breeding stock. Aaron and his family raise all the goat kids on cow's milk at their farm, CanaanLand Pastured Products, in Lake George.

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