Sober Island Brewing Co.

Sheet Harbour

County: Halifax

Email: [email protected]

Producer Description:

"As they explored our coastal waters, legend has it Nova Scotia sailors would toast the discovery of new lands. As you can imagine, navigating the Eastern Shore archipelagos led to more than a few raised glasses. By the time they reached our home, supplies were understandably short and only one name seemed appropriate...Sober Island. But today, warm hospitality and craft ale await all those with an adventurous heart." Currently brewing on a 1/2 bbl system in Sheet Harbour, we are working on a 7bbl expansion for the beginning of 2017. We have gained access to the land on Sober Island and will start building a road, surveying the land for the perfect spot and working to create a destination microbrewery. This is aimed for 2019. It is our goal to bring awareness to, and share, this beautiful place we live in!

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