Sweetwood Farm

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Mahone Bay

County: Lunenburg

Phone: (902) 298-9697
Address: 637 Hirtle Rd. Mahone Bay, Lunenburg County
Email: [email protected]

Producer Description:

We are a tiny MicroDairy, NSs newest and possibly the smallest licensed goat cheese producer in eastern Canada. We currently milk 6 goats by hand (this will rise to approx 20 this year but we don't expect to go above 30). We are farmstead, small batch cheese makers following a somewhat biodynamic approach or goal. 'nurturing traditions' is our strapline. Our goats (and pastured pigs) are heritage breeds and are rotationally grazed on our own pasture. We produce (some, not enough yet) of our own hay and grow medicinal forage crops. We specialise in European style hand ladled delicate fresh cheese. Our cheese reflects the seasons, the terroir, and the nature of our girls. We sell wholesale and retail and have a tiny shop at the Creamery too. Cheese making classes and supplies also available.

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One thought on “Sweetwood Farm”

  1. Absolutely delicious cheeses! Wide variety, wonderfully experimental and with consistently great quality! Also, worth highlighting you are at the Waldorf school Winter farmer’s market in Blockhouse.

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