Tuckamore Acres

Appears in these categories: Meat and Poultry

About Us:

We stumbled into farming. It's been like an accidental-falling face-first into a mud-like adventure. And it has been good. And we are learning to love it. ​ We do it because we like food. And growing food well. And growing enough food to make a difference. And growing food in such a way that has a positive impact on the land, and the growers and the consumers. We are constantly learning. Always trying. And, always experiementing as we try to bring you really beautiful food. Our current focus is pasture raised pork and grass-fed, pasture raised-raised beef. This site brings you information about our operation including some of our most beautiful pictures, and, of course information on ordering. If you want to follow our operation on a more regular basis, check us out on the good old Facebook for more regular updates.

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