Water Buffalo Dairy

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West Dublin

County: Lunenburg


Producer Description:

Desiree Gordon and Stefan Kirkpatrick are young farmers who own a small herd of water buffalo in West Dublin, near LaHave on Nova Scotia's South Shore. Mozzarella, yogurt, and other fresh cheeses made from the milk of the water buffalo. This is the first water buffalo dairy in the Maritimes! Available at the Lunenburg Farmer's Market.

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One thought on “Water Buffalo Dairy”

  1. Our Windsor Lions Club is hosting Windsor’s 1st Craft Beverage Showcase Apr. 7th (2-8pm) and are looking for unique food products to complement the Craft Beverages (wine, cider, beer, spirits).

    We all know how wine drinkers love cheese to go with their wine. Having specialized products makes you especially appealing.

    We would love to have the opportunity to forward an Invitation for you to consider.

    Thank you
    Event Chairperson
    Tammy Acker

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