Watershed Farm

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Baker Settlement

County: Lunenburg

Phone: (902) 685-3901
Address: 768 Allen Frauzel Road
Email: [email protected]

Producer Description:

Arugula Asian Greens - Pac Choy, Mizuna, Tatsoi, etc Basil Beans - Shelling, Filet, Green string Beets - 4 varieties Broccoli Brussel sprouts Cabbage - Napa, Savoy, Red, Green Carrots - Purple, Orange, White Heriloom Cauliflower Celeriac Chard - Red, Rainbow Cucumber - 7 varieties! Eggplant Fennel Chervil Dill Summer savoury Kale Kohlrabi Lavender Leeks Lettuce - 6 varieties Salad Mix - Spicy and Mild Melon - Heirloom varities, Canteloupes Minzuna Mustard greens - Spicy and Mild Onion - Storage, Bunching, Cippolini, Red Orach Oregano Parsley Pea - Snow pea, Sugar snap, Shelling Peppers - Sweet, Hot Potato - Fingerlings, Heirloom Pumpkins Radish Soybean Spinach Squash - Summer, Winter(storage) Tomatoes - 20 varities including heirlooms, cherry and sauce(available in bulk for canning) Watermelon

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